When my children were small they went to a day care provider called “Auntie”.  This was a lovely woman who taught the children life skills, how to harvest a garden, set a table, wash dishes, etc.  In the summer, each family was assigned a day to bring lunch for all of the children.  Stromboli was one of the lunches another family brought.  My girls had never had this before, but after trying it, stromboli was a frequent request for dinner.  This is my gluten free version of it-hope you enjoy!


Gluten free pizza crust mix-I used Bob’s red mill.  Make according to instructions  and let it rise in the refrigerator over night.  This will make two Stromboli or one really big one.

Roll out the dough on a 9×13 cookie tray, on half of the crust; as you will fold over and seal the other half over your meat, cheese and veggie stack.

You can choose a variety of meats and cheeses as well as add vegetables

I used turkey, ham and hard salami, swiss cheese, smoked white and yellow cheddar cheese

I also add Dijon mustard

You can add: onion, pepper, olives or whatever vegetable you would enjoy

I layer meat, cheese alternating and topped with mustard.

Bake at 400 F for 30-45 minutes.

Enjoy!  Let me know what you think!


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